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Written, composed and produced by acclaimed writer, filmmaker and lyricist George Chiang, Golden Lotus is a musical based on the classic Chinese novel Jin Ping Mei (The Golden Lotus). The musical finds the protagonist, the beautiful Golden Lotus, stuck in a triangle of romance, violence and deceit with the tiger slayer Wu Sung, the powerful Xi Men and the humble peddler Wu Da.

The writer, composer and producer of the musical, George Chiang, has done a fabulous job of transforming the Chinese novel Jin Ping Mei for the theatrical medium. Chiang ensures that both overt and covert themes of the story are manifested visually and the components of palace intrigue, romance and conflict are given their due thematic resonance in this wonderfully timeless story. Part political satire, part doomed romance wrapped in a tale of redemption, George Chiang has created an unforgettable experience that needs to be seen to be believed…

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