“A Cultural Phenomenon” – First Review for the Golden Lotus Musical Film

Golden Lotus News

Here ‘s the first review for the Golden Lotus Musical Film by INDIEWRAP Magazine.

“Although theatre is sometimes limited in visual scope as compared to films, Chan does not let the limitations of stage hinder her creative vision in any way or form. Without a doubt, this is a proper adaptation of the source material, one that swings for the fences and succeeds …  The most important part of any musical is the music itself and it is here that ‘Golden Lotus’ manages to shine. The actors sing perfectly, the music aiding their performances in a magical way … The choreography is resolute and conveys that the actors underwent painstaking rehearsals before getting the final version just right. The absolute variety of the costumes at display is also something to behold with every single costume displaying a high level of detail and craftsmanship.  Sure to be a cultural phenomenon, the Golden Lotus is a mesmerizing achievement with stunning choreography and equally stunning physical performances.”

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