A Forbidden Tale Reborn

This is the story of the beautiful Golden Lotus, who becomes entangled in a bloody web of passion, deception and desperation with the valiant tiger slayer Wu Sung, the rich and powerful Xi Men and the humble peddler Wu Da. Set amidst the dying, war-torn years of Song Dynasty China, Golden Lotus undergoes a spellbinding journey as the world around them burns into ashes.

Golden Lotus is an internationally acclaimed musical for both stage and screen. Its world premiere theatrical production won the Hong Kong English Drama Award for Best Original Work. The Hong Kong production was captured live and made into a feature length film which has won over 60 film awards across the globe. Watch the musical film

The music score is an exciting fusion of pop rock and Chinese harmonies and instrumentation which has earned Golden Lotus critical acclaim and numerous awards for Best Original Score and Best Original Song (A World Away). Listen to the soundtrack