Award-Winning Singer, Harriet Chung & Songwriter, George Chiang Release Newly Remastered Single “A World Away”

Golden Lotus News

A World Away, a signature pop ballad from the award-winning musical, Golden Lotus, has been remastered and scheduled to be launched on all platforms on August 18, 2020. The original edit of the song, which was written by George Chiang and sung by award-nominated singer Harriet Chung, transcends time with a heart wrenching message about love.

“The song, A World Away has a life of its own; it’s a great ballad for anybody who pines for the person they love”, says George. Golden Lotus is a musical written by the Taiwanese-Canadian writer and developed in New York and Toronto. The musical has received international praise, winning the Hong Kong English Drama Award for Best Original Work.

The newest rendition for A World Away features a live orchestra arranged and conducted by Warren Robert, accompanied by the vocals of Harriet Chung, Canada’s first Asian actress to be cast in The Phantom of the Opera. Harriet was also nominated for Best Actress for her performance as the title character in Golden Lotus where she sang the stage version of A World Away.

The newly orchestrated single, produced by Hayward Parrot, is a refreshed version of the ballad with hints of pop, soft rock and jazz; a modern fusion of genres coming together to create a unique remix of a song whose origin story began on stage.

“It’s a song that anyone can relate to. I had a friend listen to it and tell me how it made her think of her son who was away at school”, says Harriet.

The music video for the single was shot in the Heintzman House in Thornhill, Ontario, one of York Region’s heritage homes. Directed by Theresa Kowall-Shipp, the video offers a visual of the historical and timeless nature of the message behind the single.

A World Away is Harriet Chung’s first single as a solo artist.

Listen to A World Away (Remix) here.